Tradition and craftsmanship

Baking at Hammerl Landbäckerei in Hard has a long tradition. Knowledge on how to make the best bread has been passed down from generation to generation for over 150 years. The crucial ingredients are the same today as they were then: Flour from regional mills, clear water from sources in Vorarlberg, yeast and salt – and notably, two not so secret ingredients that have long been forgotten in many places: skilled craftsmanship & lots of time! At Hammerl we continue with this tradition.

Specialist in well-rested dough

With lots of time to rest and up to 24 hours to rise, we work with dough that, even today, is worked again and again by hand and then shaped. Manually processing moist dough is not easy to master. However, the result that we get from our ovens every day is worth the effort.

Hammerl’s twisted breads – our popular classic

We are famous for our twisted bread, for which we only use natural ingredients, far beyond the borders of Vorarlberg. The resting time for the dough makes a significant difference in taste that is particularly evident here! Our bakers therefore do not need any artificial additives for the unique, perfectly balanced flavour and wonderfully light crumb.

Our extensive range

We bake a wide range of bread specialities for our customers in the food retail industry and food service industry: from seasonal varieties of twisted bread, a multitude of loafs and bread rolls right through to special requests.

Fresh from the oven for the retail and food service industry

We supply the demanding food retail industry in Austria, its neighbouring countries and quality-orientated food service businesses with bread specialities fresh from the oven. As an established and specialised provider of special quality and bread with long resting times, we are proud of our craftsmanship and our bread.