New Urdinkel pure spelt breads

For our new bread specialities, we work with the region’s best ingredients for unparalleled, moist, pure spelt breads. The Ländle Urdinkel pure spelt bread and Ländle Urdinkel pure spelt wholemeal bread are available now exclusively at all Sutterlüty markets.

The best ingredients from the region

Pure spelt for the new bread creations grows exclusively in fields in Vorarlberg. Furthermore, the dough contains predominantly regional ingredients and, most importantly, no additives. The fact that the new breads also forgo wheat flour is due to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of our experienced bakers.

Light and moist using apples

Spelt flour does not bind water as long as wheat flour does. As a result, conventional spelt bread often dries out quickly. This is not the case with our spelt bread. By adding apples from the Lake Constance region, acerola cherries and psyllium husks, it stays fresh and moist for longer.

Long resting times and craftsmanship

Another special ingredient is time. The dough made of pure spelt flour is already prepared the evening before, leaving it to rest overnight. In the morning, the pre-prepared dough is then kneaded with the normal dough before resting for another few hours. It is always done by hand. This makes it particularly light and airy.

Try the light and airy regional pure spelt bread and wholemeal pure spelt bread now – fresh and exclusive at regional Sutterlüty markets.