The new mini twisted breads are now available

Sometimes the best innovations are small – but at Hammerl they are great in taste. Just like our white and brown mini twisted breads, which are available now at Sutterlüty.

Like their bigger brothers, our mini twisted breads are baked according to tried and tested recipes. The dough only contains flour from the region’s mills along with water, yeast and salt. We believe in forgoing the use of artificial additives. The same ultimately applies to both large and small twisted breads: in calmness lies the taste.

The dough is therefore given up to 24 hours to develop. Our mini twisted breads are, of course, also twisted by hand. After sprinkling with oat flakes, sunflower seeds and sesame, the mini twisted breads are then placed in the oven.

Masterfully baked at Landbäckerei Hammerl, they are ideal as snacks and light meals when hunger strikes.

Find our twisted breads here.