There was a time when bread was real bread. Where the dough, for twisted bread, for example, had been made out of high quality, regional ingredients. This involved flour from the region and only natural ingredients. All these ingredients have been processed from handed down, original recipes and had time to rest, as long as they needed.

Twisted breads

Hammerl’s twisted breads set new standards. Long resting times for the dough and craftsmanship skills make a huge different here. Their crispy crusts and large-pored fluffy crumb delight connoisseurs and gourmets. And this does not just mean on the day they are baked but also for as long as there is any left over.

Product range at Sutterlüty

You will find Hammerl Landbäckerei bread and pastries fresh from the oven several times a day at all Sutterlüty markets throughout Vorarlberg. We will present a few of the most popular types here.