Light, palm oil-free enjoyment

Good news for all carnival fans and those with a sweet tooth: our “Faschingskrapfen” carnival doughnuts are, once again, available in five delicious varieties. And, as all other specialities by Alois Hammerl Landbäckerei, they are also 100 % palm oil-free.

100 per cent palm-free production

Palm oil is often used in the production of bread and baked good thanks to its good baking properties. For a long time, the Alois Hammerl Landbäckerei was also unable to avoid the use of palm oil and palm kernel oil as some important ingredients such as baking margarine, used to contain palm oil. However, to fulfil our customers’ demands for palm oil-free bread and baked goods, we started looking for an alternative which would meet production requirements and, much more importantly, impress with regard to taste. Not an easy but, ultimately, successful undertaking!

Sunflower and rapeseed oil instead of palm oil

Meanwhile, we achieve great results with rapeseed and sunflower oil. In 2018 we made all our carnival doughnuts with palm free recipes and our master bakers have now also succeeded in making all breads and baked goods without palm oil and palm kernel oil. This means the entire Alois Hammerl Landbäckerei is now 100 per cent palm oil and palm kernel oil-free yet our products still have the same light crumb and excellent taste you have come to expect from our breads and baked goods.